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Chaufer  is an iron chelate with exceptional purity and quality.

Chaufer is an ultra high performance 6% FeEDDHA iron chelate containing 4.8% Fe as the most biological effective ortho-ortho isomer available on the market.

The exceptional purity of Chaufer represents the ultimate biological performance. It is extremely stable and this guarantee iron remains available on the crops even in highly alkaline calcareous soils, using a small quantity.

Chaufer is used in the same way of traditional FeEDDHA chelates. It is better to dissolve it in a convenient volume of water (for example 10 grams per litre) and apply it to the soil as a coarse, low pressure spray. It can be applied even trought fertigation system.

The purity of Chaufer, in addition to its easy solubility, ensures a rapid and extremely effective formula.

The aim of BASF is to develop and improve the manufacturing process, getting the higher amount of FeDDHA orto-orto.

This is a tricky challenge as inside the process are involved up to 8 mutually dependent variables.

However, throughout chemical researches and mathematical models, BASF has achieved this arduous goal and the result is Chaufer.


BASF ensure that the solubility of Chaufer  has not been compromised in any way and it is easy to get a complete dissolution in water.

Chaufer is also mixable and compatible with other products for coltures; in this way the number of irrigations is drastically reduced and the efficiency is increased.

Chaufer is produced according to the quality management system, certified in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2000. (Product in U.K).

Chaufer, Libfer SP and Librel are registered trademarks of BASF SE.

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