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Nitro Slow

Nitro Slow is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer. The innovative formula Nitro Slow allows a rapid and  a complete assimilation of the nitrogen fraction (after 4-6 hours of treatment with vegetation).

After its application, Nitro Slow ensures a perfect and uniform distribution on the leaf, not undergoing salification and crystallization even after water evaporation.  Nitro Slow is therefore indicated when it is necessary to have a constant source of nitrogen in the medium term, avoiding unbalanced assimilations that may adversely affect the final production. Nitro Slow is applicable even in conditions of limit temperature (cold / hot), in which the foliar absorption is not compromised.

Nitro Slow is applicable also at low volumes and at high concentrations thanks to its purity and low salinity value.


Star Fert

STAR FERT is a natural origin formula based on nitrogen (organic and mineral) and phosphorus, activated by a natural extract selected and concentrated by original techniques of refining and distillation. STAR FERT is a liquid fertilizer particularly suitable for applications in irrigation on all crops.

.● Its special formula causes to the treated crops an exaltation of general metabolic activity. STAR FERT is therefore indicated during the early vegetative stages, to obtain a better growth activity by improving the root development and optimizing the absorption of plants nutrients.

Microcopp Neutro FL

MICROCOPP NEUTRO FL is a  concentrated suspension fungicide based on copper oxychloride obtained by a particular production process and formulation.

Copper particles are characterized by an elevated micronization and so, for this reason, they adhere tenaciously to the treated surfaces of plants, forming a thin protective layer against fungal diseases, particularly resistant to leaching rains. MICROCOPP NEUTRO FL ensures a high activity against pathogens together with a considerable persistence of action.



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