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KinaKtin is a vegetable formula based on Manganese, Boron and Zinc. It is activated by a natural extract which is selected and concentrated throughout original tecniques of   refining and distillation.

KinaKtin is extremely stable, both in the formula and in the composition.

Thanks to the balanced set of trace elements (B, Mn, Zn) KinaKtin influences several metabolic activities of plants, such as: regulates apical dominance; stimulates the release of lateral buds; influence the blooming effect by improving the differentiation and the predisposition for the fruit set; contains the vegetative growth, increases the division, exstension and cell differentiation which enhances the rooting.

The time of flowering is essential for the final production. KinaKtin is activated at the fruit set stage, giving to the flowers greater vitality and fertility.  

KinaKtin - Pear

A Successful Formula

Fruit set

The time of flowering is particularly

important for the final production:

KinaKtin is activated at the fruit set stage,

giving the flowers greater

vitality and fertility.


The increase in cell division and

expansion in the post flowering phase on

young fruit is essential to

obtain consistent production.

Bud preparation

KinaKtin’s controlled vegetative growth

allows the plant to develop in a

harmonious way, not reacting to any

external incentives that can cause

vegetative restarts.  

Closed flower buds are expected with the

constant use of KinaKtin which is essential  

for good preparation for the next season's


Premature fruit drop

During the differentiation phase, a

premature fruit drop in May and June is

one of the major production problems.

KinaKtin significantly reduces this

problems, thanks to the natural plant

regulators that balance the nutrition and

the growth cycle in the plant. It is for this

reason that with repeated treatments

in May and June, the number of different

fruits is greater.

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