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FERROCHELATO ELLESEI is a specific liquid soil fertilizer for all crops which is used to prevent and to cure the iron chlorosis. The chelate agent DTPA used for iron chelation is more resistant to photo-degradation and this ensures fast and complete absorption of the elements of every part of plant. 1 or 2 days after the treatments, the result will be visible. In some kinds of pears (Kaiser, Morettini, William, Red William or Max Red Bartlet) or flowering crops, we recommend to reduce the dose to 80 grams per 100 liters of water. Do not treat during the flowering phase in Golden Delicious apples To prevent blight.

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CHELATO Fe-Mn 4.2 l

CHELATO Fe-Mn 4.2 L it is a new liquid formula, containing iron and manganese; It helps to treat and prevent iron and manganese chlorosis on the whole crops. The chelated agent DTPA used for the iron chelation is the most resistant agent to the photodegradation and it assures a quick and complete absorption of the element through all the different plant parts. Moreover, it is possible to see the treatment effects just after 1 or 2 days by the same. For certain kinds of pear (Kaiser, Morettini, William, William Rossa a Max Red Bartlet) and certain kinds of flowers, cut down the dose to 80 gr per 100 liters of water. During the flowering of Golden Delicious apple tree, avoid the treatments as they often cause rust. The amount of manganese inside the CHELATO Fe-Mn 4.2 L helps to maximize the photosynthetic activity of the plants.

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