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DARKUS L is a liquid fertilizer, containing phosphorus and potassium in an assimilable formulation to the air apparatus of the plant. Phosphorus and potassium induce a greater stimulus to the increasing of the crops, improving a mechanism of self defence too, as they are extreamely mobile inside the plants.

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AXITIN is an organic nitrogen fertilizer with a remarkable efficiency as it contains enzymatic extracts of vegetal amino acids and Brown algae matrix extracts. The high concentration of growing factors derivating from selected plants extractions allow a fast response by the treated crops, activating and optimizing the major stages as flowering, fruits ripening, consistency, cell extension and division and improving as well respiration and cell activity metabolic processes.

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Applying DULCIS TOP L before harvest, it improves horticultural and fruit crops organoleptic  characteristics, enhancing sugar content and preservation and activating enzimatic sugars and proteins processes. DULCIS TOP L is suggested during the ripening stage of all juicy fruits and grapes.

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KINAKTIN is a formula derived from vegetative matter with Boron, Manganese and a Zinc base which is activated by a natural and selected extract by original refining and distillation methods. KINAKTIN is an extremely stable product not only in formula, but also in composition.Thanks to the balanced percentage of microelements (B, Mn, Zn) KINAKTIN has a high influence on metabolic plant activities, for example by regulating the apical dominance, stimulating the growth of lateral buds, improving flowering to have a better tendency for fruit setting, restricting the vegetative development, increasing cell division, stretching and differentiation, improving rooting.

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RED FULL PLUS is a new formula of fertilizer with a high concentration of Potassium and it is activated by selected amino acids of vegetable origin. RED FULL PLUS works during the ripening stage, improving all the biochemical processes. Administer during the pre-harvest phase it helps to the improving of organoleptic and merceologic properties of flowers and fruits, by enhancing colour, flavour, amount of sugar and the preservability over the time. In the photosynthesis process of sugar and proteins it has the function of enzyme activator. RED FULL PLUS is recommended during the ripening stage of all the juicy fruits and grapevines.

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Applying SHUTCROP L before harvest, it increases the merceological and organoleptical features of flowers and fruits. It improves colour, flavour and sugar level while also extending the life of the flowers and fruits. Moreover, it is an enzymatic activator during sugars and proteins photosynthesis. SHUTCROP L is recommended during the ripening stage of juicy fruits and vine.

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SUNCROP is a fertilizer with Boron, Manganese and Zinc, and it is activated by a specific natural origin plant extract. The crops respond immediately thanks to the balanced content of growth factors (extracted from selected plants) and this increases mainly physiological conditions that control the final result such as flowering,

fruiting, plasticity, stretching and cellular multiplications. SUNCROP improves the metabolic breathing processes, photosynthesis and cellular activity.

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