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CALCIUM KELATE is a new formula for leaf applications and the Calcium is particularly linked to the organic base of the product. This formula creates Calcium Polipeptidatum which is completely absorbed by the plant and in particularly for fruit. We recommend it for apples with bitter pit and suber, for peaches to improve solidity, monella resistance and to treat different rots and finally to reduce micro-damage for nectarines (russeting, blighting).

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It is a soluble and totally clean solution. CALCIOCHELATO 9 PS is utilized to adjust the luck of calcium in growing crops. CALCIOCHELATO 9 PS is especially suitable for the improvement of the fruits' texture and slow down the process of degeneration of the plant tissues. The exceptional purity of CALCIOCHELATO 9 PS leads a prompt reply from the crops treated, improving the metabolic processes of the plants.

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PERCALCIUM is a pure solution of Calcium and Sulphur, suitable for applications in fertirrigation. The Sulphur is composed of two parts: one immediate release, and one with gradual release, which gives high nutritional performance and it improves the efficiency of the fertilizers. Thanks to the specific formula, the Calcium helps to build the cell walls in plant tissue and improves resistance. Moreover, it is a biological activator of some important enzymes. The use of PERCALCIUM reduces the birth of physiopathologies caused by Calcium absence such as: tomato apical rot, melon physiological dryness, bitter apple pitting, rachis dryness, root rot, etc.

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ALGA-VITAL CALCIO is an extract of technical calcium nitrate and it is activated by a natural extract and selected seaweeds. The natural components contained in ALGA-VITAL CALCIO are able to affect the biological processes, especially in the plant tissues: better absorption of Calcium and reduction of all the connected physiopathologies (bitter pit, nectarines withering and rust, tomato apical rot, etc.). It also improves nitrogen synthesis and increases size, and the production of anthocyanins for fruit colouring.

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NITROMAG 150 supports the green colour of plants, and prevents dryness. Magnesium salts perform a catalytic action, which is fundamental for photosynthesis. These salts perform an important action for the absorption of macro-elements (especially Nitrogen). The percentage of nitric nitrogen has a synergistic effect in NITROMAG 150, not just by accelerating the magnesium absorption processes, but also because it boosts initial growth and improves production.

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NITROMELON 221 L thanks to its balanced supply of Calcium and Magnesium in liquid formulation, obtained for synthesis in nitric radicals, this is especially recommended to prevent the physiological dryness of crops (leaves, petioles, clusters etc.). The specific formula of NITROMELON 221 L allows a fast absorption of Calcium and Magnesium from tissues undergoing cellular multiplication, and therefore an optimization of the growth of the tissue derived from vegetative matter. Repeated applications of NITROMELON 221 L ensures high quality crops by increasing physiological and organoleptical features.

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MAGNESIO NT L, promotes and stimulates the green colour of the plant; Moreover it prevents the diseccation of the tissues. Magnesium salts are a catalytic reaction for photosynthesis and have a positive influence to the absorption of macro-elements, particularly of Nitrogen. The percentage of Nitrogen promotes a synergic action: it speeds up the absorption process, it is an important starter effect and an important production element.

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MAGNESIO 15 PS + Micro promotes and stimulates the green colour of the plant and especially prevents dryness of the rachis grapevine. Magnesium salts are a catalytic reaction for photosynthesis. Moreover, these salts are important for the absorption of macro-elements. MAGNESIO 15 PS + Micro is rich in micro-elements that prevent and cure micro-nutritional imbalances or absence by stimulating Magnesium absorption by plant.

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