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STAR FERT is a natural formula containing organic and mineral Nitrogen and Phosphorus base. These elements are activated by a natural selected extract by original refining and distillation methods. STAR FERT is a liquid fertilizer specially designed for applications in fertirrigation on all crops. The specific formula improves the metabolic activities in all crops. STAR FERT is indicated in the initial vegetative phase to obtain better growth activity by improving the root development and the absorption of nutritious elements. Thanks to the better absorption of nutritious elements an application with STAR FERT in the production phase

increases crops. STAR FERT is also indicated to stimulate stressed crops (climatic, physiologic, etc.).

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AXITIN R  is a liquid organic nitrogen fertilizer specific for soil applications on all kind of crops. It has a remarkable efficiency as it contains enzymatic extracts of vegetal amino acids and Brown algae matrix extracts.  

AXITIN R is suggested during the first vegetative stages of the crops, improving root development and plants nutritive elements. If it is used during production stage it will enhance the fruit productivity.   

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