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ANTISCHIUMA D is a silicon oil-base formula which can prevent or completely eliminate the foam during the preparation of the mixture. ANTISCHIUMA D acts quickly and it removes foam without hanging the features of the products. To prevent the foam: use ANTISCHIUMA D when preparing the solution. To eliminate the foam: use ANTISCHIUMA D after the preparation of the solution. The quantity of formula changes according to the quantity of foam.

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BEE-HAPPY is an essential oil extract. It is specifically selected to attract and to stimulate the activity of bees and hornets. The specific formula of BEE-HAPPY derives from vegetative and natural matter, and reproduces the olfactory and taste signals that bees love. BEE-HAPPY is a completely natural product, non toxic and completely biodegradable.

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CONTROLLER R is a formula with a high percentage of Phosphorus which has an acidifying action. Thanks to its purity, CONTROLLER R can acidify the pH of the pesticide mixture obtaining the best effective result.

The specific formula of CONTROLLER R has a fertilizing action and it also ensures a stable suspension and homogenization of mixtures.

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FITOLINDO L is a specially formula designed to clean the equipments that are normally used to distribute pesticides. Thanks to its hyperoxidant action, FITOLINDO L has active molecules of organic origin which represent almost the totality of the active ingredients used in agriculture. The careful use of FITOLINDO L disables the effect or completely removes residues from other treatments which cannot be removed with water alone. Thanks to its specific formula FITOLINDO L does not create foam.

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NO-SCHIUMA EC is a silicon oil-based formula which can prevent or remove foam from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. During the preparation of the mixture. The high percentage and the purity of the content of NO-SCHIUMA EC avoid foam definitively. The right dose changes according to the quantity of foam to be


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TI-TACK GEL is a product with a low percentage of Boron. It is formulated via specific productive processes which give a high adherence to the product, stability and water resistance. Thanks to its properties this product can be spread even over all the surface by affecting itself to the vegetative wall. This property allows a strong synergy between Boron and the other combined products to develop activity and absorption. It is recommended that TI-TACK GEL be linked to leaf products which need a high uniformity and a eduction of degeneration to explicate its features. This product is especially recommended in spring when linked to the specific products for growth and to insect pollinator products. TI-TACK GEL is also recommended in every situation where crops need Boron.

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