Vegetal aminoacid


VEGAFOIL is an organic nitrogen fertilizer with remarkable efficiency as it contains both enzymatic extraction of amino acid from vegetable and from Brown algae.

Its inside natural components are able to effect biological processes on the vegetable tissues as:

- direct or indirect enzymatic process;

- nutrition of the tissues;

- protection of the tissues from bad weather conditions   (thermal tress).

It is particularly indicated in every cases where there are suffering sinthoms of the plants due to bad weather conditions (hailstorms, frost, huge changes of temperature).

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DESALADO L is a vegetal amino acid formula with a high percentage of Calcium, completely chelated by fulvic acids. The Calcium inside DESALADO L acts as a soil salinity corrector by allowing its release by leaching and by percolation. DESALADO L corrects the deficiency of Calcium thanks to easy absorption. The enzymatic complex derived from vegetative source is rich of fulvic acids. this improves the development of roots and soil microbial activity. DESALADO L can be used to correct the salinity of irrigation waters.

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