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Headquarter: 5, Via San Vitale
40026 - Imola (BOLOGNA) Italy
Tel: +39 0542 670170
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More of our range of products for plants' nutrition and defense, we want to totally satisfied all farmers' needs.
It is for this reason that we create our SPECIFIC USES line, a wide range of hi-tech solutions to resolve the problems of the farm, composed by products that as well as give to plants the right intake of nutrients have got also a specific action to speed up, simplify and improve the work in field.

The product we have selected today is FITOLINDO, universal cleaner for farm equipment used for the distribution of pesticides and herbicides with a hyper-oxidizing action.
To kept the equipment always in good condition it is important to clean it carefully inside and outside (to avoid any clogging in spraying nozzles) specially during this period, before to store them for winter. Moreover, a well-done cleaning is obligated when the sprayer want to be used in a continuous way with different treatments (pesticides and herbicides) to avoid  contamination of the crops or phytotoxic effect on them due to chemical or physical incompatibility.
Demetra's goal is to address that issue in a PRATICAL way. How could I obtain a total and fast cleaning, containig the prices?
With FITOLINDO, used following label dosage and instruction, we grant:
- a total removal of the active substances, thanks to its hyper-oxidizing action;
- security of the tratment which follow washing;
- a longer lifetime of used equipment;
- No foam formation, it will be enough to rinse the product to obtain the result;
- SAVE water (low volumes involved) and working time (you get the result in 4-5 minutes).
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