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Growth promoters are organic compounds, biostimulants or phytosanitary, which are able to change some physiological processes of plants even if used in very low concentrations.
DEMETRA has worked hard to create a line of biostimulants, products applied to the soil or the plants to increase their physiological processes (nutrients’ uptake, tolerance to abiotic stresses and resistance to diseases, quality and production of crops, availability of nutrients of soil and rhizosphere).
These products have generally an organic origin and they may contain separately or in combination: soil bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, amino acids, humic substances or SEAWEED and we want to focus our attention on the latter today.
Promoters of this class are produced by extraction from red, green or brown algae, especially of the Ascophyllum nodosum, Ecklonia maxima, Laminaria digitata and Fucus spp type and contain polysaccharides, phytohormones (e.g. auxins, gibberellin), phenols and mineral salts.
Seaweed are harvested manually or mechanically along the ocean coasts and subjected to washing, cutting and extraction which can take place in different ways: using different kind of solvents, through microbial fermentation of the starting plant matrix or cold extraction in high pressure water, in order to prevent chemical alterations of the bioactive molecules.
The variety of seaweed employed, the harvesting period and the extraction process greatly influence the chemical characteristics of the extract and therefore its biostimulating properties.
To formulate our products, we choose only the best seaweed, from certified supplier, not heated and cold extracted to ensure a high concentration of promoters.
Our best seaweed-based products are: ALGA-VITAL and ALGA-VITAL SF (the latter allowed in Italian organic agriculture) are highly concentrated plant growth biostimulants whose natural components are able to influence various biological processes in plant tissues. ALGAMAX, seaweed concentrate with trace elements (boron, manganese, zinc); ALGAMIX seaweed concentrate with amino acids and ALGA-VITAL Calcio, seaweed concentrate enriched with calcium oxide.

Treatment are foliar on fruit trees, nurseries, industrial crops and vegetables during all the growing stage with a dose that can change between 1 and 3 kg/ha according to treated crop, selected product and number of planned treatment, total miscibility with other formulates. This application enhances cell growth, fruit set and production, direct or indirect enzymatic activity, tissues nutrition and they promote protein synthesis and protection of tissues from adverse weather condition.


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