DEMETRA NEWSLETTER #61 - DEMETRA ITALIA srl - an agro resource

Headquarter: 5, Via San Vitale
40026 - Imola (BOLOGNA) Italy
Tel: +39 0542 670170
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In partnership with professional bodies of research we have been offering successful solutions for agricultural crops’ needs for years, testing and verifying their success, comparing ourselves with skilled technicians and the most professional and specialized farms, selecting the best raw material, awarely handled and formulated, tested again and again and finally made available for marketing in the DEMETRA's COMPLEX BIOSTIMULANTS line.
The first products of this line were created over twenty years ago and they are still included in our catalogue as even now they are
modern, innovative and, above all, their power has been demonstrated by time on all crops.  
Our historical products:
STAR FERT: a product that mix nutrition (thanks to phosphorus contained in it) and biostimulant action (starter effect). STAR FERT is a natural formulation made of nitrogen both organic and mineral and phosphorous. Its application is very suggested during the first vegetative stage to obtain a better growth activity, improving roots development and optimizing nutrients’ uptake of plants.
KINAKTIN: plant based product made of boron, manganese and zinc which are activated by a natural concentrated and selected extract by original refining and distillation techniques. For these reasons, KINAKTIN is a very stable product both in its formula and composition and it has a positive influence on different metabolic activities of the plant. Thanks to its content of pseudo-hormones of natural origin, it is very suggested to contain vigor of the plants, slow down the apical dominance and increase fruit size. It is specific for foliar application and allowed in Italian organic agriculture.
SUNCROP SF: organic nitrogen fertilizer very powerful as it contains amino acids from enzymatic extraction only from plants and cold-pressed brown seaweed. SUNCROP SF activates and optimizes the main physiological phaseses of plant’s life that determinate final production and it is one of the most complete product to stimulate vegetative growth in vegetables and fruits. It helps fruit set, flowering, distension and multiplication of cells. It is specific for foliar application and allowed in Italian organic agriculture.


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