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Headquarter: 5, Via San Vitale
40026 - Imola (BOLOGNA) Italy
Tel: +39 0542 670170
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How DEMETRA came to be? What were, are and will be the objectives of our company and what was our growth philosophy? What are our future purposes?

DEMETRA is a pioneer company in the field of fertilizers production, from the most traditional to the most modern and original, which is widely present in Italy and has also been establishing itself abroad, especially in the last few years. Primary intention of our company was to become a professional reference in the nutritional product market.
But what does DEMETRA mean for us? First of all, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: experience and skill, innovation, professionalism, efficiency: we select active materials from complex organic substances to continuously enrich our products proposal with powerful exclusivities.

But DEMETRA is also progressive and constant updating. European Union aims to achieve a 50% reduction in the market of phytosanitary products by the year 2030, a new direction for agriculture: for over twenty years we have been studying and producing alternative formulations, complex biostimulants, micostimulants and products which aim to improve the natural defenses of plants. We are developing these commercial lines year after year with new natural products, attentive to the needs of farmers but also respecting the environment (sustainability).
Our goals are clear: work side by side to all the agricultural excellences, building partnerships of value and mutual enrichment. Thanks to the farms we collaborate with, we are able to carry out several trials in fields of our products which make us sure of their success once they are placed on the market. We want to build a global network involved in improving the agricultural sector, without forgetting the values ​​of our founders.

We can therefore say that the choice of our products and their application in a correct agronomic strategy on any crop will tend to:
- improve plant development;
- prevent or heal deficiencies;
- improve the quality of production;
- enhance natural defenses of plants;
- improve resistance to stress (climate change);
- raise soil fertility, restoring the rhizosphere;
- increase power of treatments.
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