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Weekly column: how important are MESO-ELEMENTS and what are DEMETRA's main products made of these elements?

After macroelements category, essential for the life of crops, we want to analyze meso-elements, which are also vital for plants and absorbed in average quantities.

In plants, magnesium:
- primary component of chlorophyll, therefore essential for photosynthesis;
- regulates cellular pH;
- activates numerous enzymes and it is involved in many enzymatic reactions (ATP, ADP) and in the carotene formation;
- promotes phosphorus uptake and its transfer from the roots to the vegetative apexes, fruits and seeds
And in the soil:
Depending on the type of soil, this element is washed away (sandy soils) in relation to the intensity of rainfall or retained and yielded with difficulty (clayey soils) while soils with a little content of organic matter hinder the availability of Magnesium.
The quantity of magnesium that is absorbed by plants is measured through the Mg2 + fraction (dolomitic) and the exchangeable one, it is hampered by large quantities of phosphorus and calcium, antagonistic ions.
Due to its essential role (as said, magnesium is a component of chlorophyll and it activates many biological processes) it is important to avoid deficiencies. These manifest themselves in leaves and lead that to a drop; the symptoms change from crop to crop.

Our products made of this element are:
Magnesium 15 PS + Micro: magnesium sulphate with boron, manganese and zinc for both foliar and fertigation applications, soluble powder;
Magnesiun Zinc 705 L: magnesium sulphate and zinc for foliar applications, liquid product;
Magnesium NT L: magnesium nitrate for both foliar and fertigation applications, liquid product;
Machstar Mg PS: magnesium chelate for foliar applications, produced in soluble microgranules;
Magnesium is also present as a component in other formulations:
Actifos Magnesium: together with phosphite (nitrogen and phosphorus pentoxide) for foliar use in liquid form;
Nitromelon: together with calcium and nitrogen, foliar use is a liquid formulation
Hydrosol 24.5.16. + 2 MgO: together with N P K, used in fertigation and formulated in soluble powder;
Hydrosol Waxy Top: together with nitrogen and potassium, used in fertigation and formulated in soluble powder;
Green-Line Waxy Top: together with nitrogen,  used in fertigation, liquid formulation.

In plants:
Calcium is one of the most important elements for plants. In form of calcium pectate, it is essential for the formation of membranes and cell walls and it also confers a better mechanical resistance to the tissues and gives the fruits greater consistency, shelf life and cosmetic effect.
Plants accumulate this element in old tissues, it is important to promote its translocation to avoid deficiencies in the younger parts of the plant, presenting itself as yellowing of the leaf loins, necrosis, apical rot in vegetables, pitting and in bunches (together with magnesium deficiencies) as shrivelling of the rachis.
Calcium is stocked in fruits about a month after flowering, during this period it is necessary to pay close attention to fertilizations with phosphorus, magnesium and ammonia nitrogen which compromise its absorption as well as to the nitrogen intake which promotes shoots’ development, moving calcium into them instead that in fruits.
In the soil:
High quantities of calcium in the soil (calcium carbonate) leads to an increase in active limestone and therefore in the pH of the soil, reducing the availability of some elements such as manganese, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus since it involves the formation of insoluble compounds with these elements. This element is absorbed exclusively by the young and growing roots.

Among Demetra products, those made of calcium are:
Clorcal: calcium oxide for foliar treatments;
Percalcium: calcium and sulfur (calcium thiosulfate) very suggested for fertigation;
Combined with other elements:
Calciflow: calcium oxide with nitric nitrogen for fertigation, liquid product;
Calcifix L: calcium and organic nitrogen from seaweed for foliar applications, liquid product;
Calcium Kelate: calcium and organic nitrogen from fleshings for foliar applications, liquid product;
Clorcal Plus: calcium oxide with manganese and zinc for foliar applications, liquid product;
Nitromelon already seen with magnesium;
Alga-Vital Calcio: together with seaweed and nitrogen for foliar applications, liquid product;
Machstar Ca PS: calcium chelated with EDTA for foliar applications in microgranules;
Briocall Forte: together with boron, manganese and zinc in an innovative formula and application;
Asidica Line: they are water-soluble N.P.K. in various ways which also contain Ca

The number of products and the different formulations, both made with calcium and magnesium, show that these two elements are key in a nutritional strategy; especially for some crops (pome fruit, stone fruit, grapevine, vegetables etc.) when we aim to obtain a high-quality product. Also in this case it will be the technician who will suggest the best solutions and moment of application.

DEMETRA’s range is complete for all crops and all phenological stage with products that can be used both in fertigation, in soil or for foliar treatments. To have further and detailed information about our products you can require our catalogue at the following address:

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