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As known, wheat is probably the most widely cultivated crop in the world. Solving the problems related to its perfect growth is important for us, to give a real response to the needs of a huge number of farms.
The market of raw material is not stable at the moment: the increase of their price resulting in an increase of the price of the final products too, including costs of traditional granular nitrogen fertilizer (urea, ammonium nitrate, etc.). DEMETRA has developed a technical line that aims to reduce nitrogen units used during treatments, integrating them with foliar fertilizers specific for wheat:

- AZO-UP: NEWS 2022, it is a nitrogen fertilizer made of Nitrogen, Magnesium and Sulphur complexed with lignosulfonates and natural wetting agents; Magnesium and Sulphur intake speeds up the synthesis of Nitrogen inside the plants, restoring an optimal vegetative development and an increment of proteins value (two treatments, total rate around 70 kg/ha);

- MARFOL SF: from our COMPLEX BIOSTIMULANT gamma, an organic nitrogen fertilizer highly digestible which contains both amino acids obtained by enzymatic extraction only from plants and cold-pressed brown seaweed (it is allowed in Italian organic agriculture). MARFOL SF acts on different biological processes inside plant’s tissues, stimulating its development and reducing symptoms of stasis or vegetative suffering due to adverse weather conditions (three treatments 4 kg/ha, total rate 12 kg/ha);

- NITRO SLOW and NITRO SLOW S: nitrogen fertilizers with controlled release activity. Their innovative formulation allows a fast and complete uptake of Nitrogen (already 4-6 hours after treatment) and it avoids crystallization and salification, also after water evaporation. Moreover, NITRO SLOW S is enriched with Sulphur; NITRO SLOW’s rate is 5-8 kg/ha and NITRO SLOW S 8-10 kg/ha;

- SOLAZON L: a nitrogen fertilizer very suggested when a constant source of nitrogen is needed in the medium period, avoiding non-balanced uptake of this element that can negatively affect the final production (total rate 10-15 kg/ha, combined with pesticides).

DEMETRA makes available a wide and complete range of products that have been especially designed to provide Nitrogen to wheat.
Plans for the application of this special fertilizers should be developed case by case basis, assuring a balanced intake of Nitrogen from different source to the plants, choosing products according to the problematic to solve.


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