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Weekly column: phosphorus, its role and DEMETRA's main products made of this element

Topic of the day is phosphorus, the plastic element responsible for tissues strengthens which makes the plant more resistant in adverse situations and, with nitrogen and potassium, complete the macro elements group.

In PLANTS phosphorus enters the synthesis of nucleic acids (DNA-RNA) to build their cell membranes and is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and obtaining a better flowering. It is also important for the creation of reserve substances of tubers and seeds (essential for a proper germination).  It promotes formation of roots (apical and root meristems, roots hairs for water uptake) and it is responsible for the “starter effect. Phosphorus is essential for synteshis processes, it contributes to the formation of enzymes and proteins and it is involved in all the metabolic processes of the plant. For all this reasons a balanced intake of phosphorus is vital for the crops.
Phosphorus deficiencies lead to a roots system that will be less developed as well as the shoots (dwarfism) and rotting of the leaves. As this element also influencing the flowering, there will be negative effects also on fruits set.
Likewise, an excess of this macro-element will lead to a deficiency of zinc and iron and an excessively accelerated nutrition.

Regarding SOIL, phosphorus derives from rocks (mineral) or humification of the organic substance (it is therefore important to always have a good availability of organic substance in the soil). It is absolutely the least mobile element since it moves very slowly in soil profile, it is not subject to leaching but sometimes, due to acidic or alkaline soils (limestone) its availability is limited as it becomes highly insoluble, changing its form into phosphate.

The presence of products made of phosphorus is very important in every fertilization plan during the life cycle of the crop and especially after harvest.
DEMETRA products containing only phosphorus are: SOLTER 0.53.0; FOSFORO 53 L; GREEN LINE 0.53.0.
Phosphorus is also combined with other nutritional elements in: SOLTER NP 5.30, GREEN LINE NP 5.30, HYDROSOL 17-34-5, ASIDICA 14-29-10 + 6CaO, MAGNUS PLANT 12-48-8, MIRAFOIL 10-43-7; these fertilizers are high in phosphorus (phosphorus pentoxide) combined with nitrogen and potassium in minor quantity.
Another products from our SOLTERMAX line that expresses a new concept of fertilization is SOLTERMAX NP 5-15 L, perfect mix phosphorus and organic nitrogen directly from our MICOSTIMULANTS gamma.

DEMETRA’s range is complete for all crops and all phenological stage with products that can be used both in fertigation, in soil or for foliar treatments. To have further and detailed information about our products you can require our catalogue at the following address:

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