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During this time of the year is important to pay attention to calcium, a meso-element (vital element for plants, absorbed in medium quantities) which regulates water uptake by roots apparatus and, in form of calcium pectate, plays an essential role in the formation of membranes and cell walls (dynamic element).

Calcium gives greater consistency, shelf life and has a cosmetic effect on fruits in which it accumulates after flowering.
In fact, calcium has the tendency to accumulate in older tissues. If it is not moved in younger parts of the plants or an incorrect fertilization with potassium, magnesium and nitrogen (ammoniacal) is done, its absorption is compromised and deficiencies can occur.
Calcium deficiencies manifest themselves as yellowing of the edges of the leaf, necrosis, bitter-pit (especially apples); in clusters (together with magnesium deficiency) it causes dry branch with wrinkled grapes and in vegetables it causes the phenomenon of leaf dryness or even apical rot.
Uptake of calcium from the soil (which, if present in high quantities, involves an increase in active limestone and therefore in the pH of the soil) occurs exclusively from young and growing roots.

For all these reasons, our catalogue is full of products containing calcium in different formulas; here the list, from the simplest product to the most advanced:
CALCIFLOW: solution of liquid calcium nitrate, for fertigation;
CLORCAL: solution of liquid calcium chloride, both for fertigation and foliar treatment and to be preferentially used alone;
MACHSTAR Ca PS: calcium chelated with EDTA in micro-granules, for application on vegetables;
CALCIFIX L: calcium oxide and seaweed, in liquid formulation;
CALCIUM KELATE: calcium oxide and organic part of animal origin (flesh);
ALGA-VITAL Calcio: calcium oxide activated by a seaweed based natural complex;
CLORCAL PLUS: calcium oxide with manganese and zinc;
NITROMELON 221 L: calcium oxide with magnesium and nitric nitrogen;
PERCALCIUM: solution of calcium and sulphur, for fertigation;
BRIOCALL FORTE PS: a new formula composed by calcium oxide mixed with boron, manganese and zinc. A product for the latest treatment to be done on the crops, which stimulates the plant to form calcium pectate, essential for fruits shelf life and resistance.

In our catalogue there are several products that contain both only calcium and calcium mixed with other elements, this show the importance of this element. After planning a correct and specific fertilization plan for the crops concerned, a technician will choose the right strategy and the most suitable product or products that should be applied.
We want to show you an example of a strategy on Fuji apples with obvious pitting problems in the year 2021:


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