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Headquarter: 5, Via San Vitale
40026 - Imola (BOLOGNA) Italy
Tel: +39 0542 670170
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DEMETRA has made an intense effort for several years, investing part of its resources and knowledge in researching the best solutions for vegetables, to offer products increasingly high-performance.
Crops such as tomato, eggplant, potatoes, zucchini and vegetables in general are becoming through time increasingly important and it has become essential for producers to use products that aim to give ADDED VALUE to the final product, improving all organoleptic characteristics such as brix, visual appearance, size...

Our gamma is composed by products containing macro and trace elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium, manganese...), COMPLEX BIOSTIMULANTS and products containing mycorrhizae (MICOSTIMULANTS) that aim to improve rooting of transplanted plants such as SOLTERMAX NP 4-12 and STAR FERT (fertigation). Other lines of products are specific for foliar treatments, to help the plant to overcome stress situations such as SUNCROP SF, MARFOL SF and ALGA-VITAL SF.

Thanks to our experience we have set up specific nutritional guide-lines in recent years, not only for conventional agriculture but also for organic farms.  It is important to consult our specialized technicins to customize the strategy at the best and obtain remarkable results.

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