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Weekly column: organic nitrogen, its role and DEMETRA's main products made of this element

In between the most important product for the crops, this week we want to focus your attention on the role of organic nitrogen and talk about DEMETRA's main products containing this element.

We already talked about nitrogen HERE, this week we want to deepen the importance of organic nitrogen and its application both foliar than in soil.
In the first case this element acts as an "anti-stress", improving the capacity of the plant to resist to every environmental stress and it also increases the power of the products which are combined with it, such as iron chelates, other trace elements, fungicides and pests (beware of mixing it with other elements which could be phytotoxic for the leaves such as copper).
Soil treatment with products made of organic nitrogen are essential to increase the concentration of organic substance in the ground, which is a source of nourishment for the crops and an important reserve of carbon. Also in this case it is very suggested to mixed it with iron chelate and other trace elements.

Organic nitrogen can be of ANIMAL origin (blood, flesh, residues deriving from the industry of tanning...) which is rougher than PLANT based one (seaweed, for example). Plants are an important source of nitrogen, less rich in carbon but richer in soluble peptides and containing different amino acids, such as the significant tryptophan.

In our catalogue, the main product containing only organic nitrogen are:
- soil application (fertigation): VITAFERT, VEGAFERT;
- foliar application: CREVITAL, VEGAFOIL, NUTRIBATER SF.
Our gamma contains also product made of organic nitrogen and trace elements such as calcium (CALCIUM KELATE), boron and manganese (BETAMIX) or seaweed (ALGAMIX).
Organic nitrogen is essential to formulate product having a practical interest too. Also in this case the technical will choose the most appropriate product and application strategy.

DEMETRA’s range is complete for all crops and all phenological stage. To have further and detailed information about our products you can require our catalogue at the following address: .

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