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Physiopathies: how to prevent them with DEMETRA's main products

The main autumnal vegetables are the different salads (chicory, endive, escarole, iceberg, etc.), radicchio (red of Treviso, Chioggia, variegated, etc.), pumpkins and Brassicaceae (broccoli, various cabbages, Brussels sprouts, arugula, etc.).
If is known that autumn crops can be considered simpler in the management (it is always a second harvest), it is important to pay attention to these crops from an agronomic point of view, from their planting or sowing (mid-July to late August) to harvest, which can change from 60 days to 90 -120 days for radicchio. Farmers’ goal is always to have profitable products, as for spring crop, and this means quality (color, crispness, shelf life, low nitrate content) and production (weight at harvest) that become essential to make profits, and it is to this that the practices of fertilization on each specific crop aim.

In this case too, we have developed a nutritional strategy suitable for the required targets with specific products.
Listed below are our products, recommended for autumn fertilization:

ALGA-VITAL SF - product containing seaweed;
ERGO STAR SF - biostimulant specific for vegetables;
MAGNESIO 15 PS + Micro, MACHSTAR Mg - products containing magnesium;
SOLTER 0-0-25+S42 L, LIFE K 300, MAGNUS PLANT 8-6-40 - products containing potassium;
NITRO SLOW, NITRO SLOW S - products containing nitrogen at slow release;
MAGNUS PLANT NPK (20-20-20) - balanced product with microelements.

For each crop we have a dedicated and specific line, focused on exclusively foliar treatments, in many cases combined with treatments for plants defense.

To receive advice about the appropriate line on autumn cultivation required, contact our technicians HERE.

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